Premier League: 10 talking points from the weekend’s action


Saka’s class is too much for Chelsea, Leicester put Lampard’s Toffees to shame and Leeds unearth a future starOfficially, Bukayo Saka is the 33rd most fouled player in the Premier League. Unofficially, Arsenal fans will tell you that their man is the victim of some sinister conspiracy between opposition left-backs and referees to get him hacked out of the game. So, a valid concern or the usual tribal tinfoil nonsense? It’s actually more complex than it looks. What sets Saka apart is his unique close dribbling style, the ball almost wedged between his feet as he runs. So when he buys the contact – because all wingers buy contact – the tackle often takes ball and man together, making it hard to see which impact came first. Simply put, referees need to do better here. But it also needs a recognition from Arsenal fans that Saka isn’t being deliberately victimised or singled out: he’s just really, unusually good. Jonathan LiewMatch report: Chelsea 0-1 ArsenalMatch report: Aston Villa 3-1 Manchester UnitedMatch report: Tottenham 1-2 LiverpoolMatch report: Southampton 1-4 NewcastleMatch report: Leeds 4-3 BournemouthMatch report: Manchester City 2-1 FulhamMatch report: Wolves 2-3 BrightonMatch report: West Ham 1-2 Crystal Palace Continue reading...