Andrés Cantor's incredible call on Lionel Messi's massive goal for Argentina will give you goosebumps


With World Cup elimination on the line, soccer superstar Lionel Messi came up in a huge way for Argentina in its game against Mexico. Messi blasted in a goal on Mexico keeper Guillermo Ochoa at about 65 minutes into the contest to give Argentina the 1-0 advantage. It was the kind of hero move that Messi has become famous for in his career, and it helped Argentina keep pace with Mexico to avoid being the most stunning team to get sent home from Qatar early. Legendary Argentine-American soccer sportscaster Andrés Cantor was on the call for Telemundo, and his famous “goal!” chant got a workout on this incredible moment for Messi and Argentina. the goat Andres Cantor calling Messi's goal just fits — amadí (@amadoit__) November 26, 2022 Even if you’re just a casual World Cup spectator, it’s hard not to get goosebumps from that call. Messi will obviously go down in history for what he’s given the Argentina’s national team, and this goal will be just one of many highlights. Cantor’s call, though, made it even more special. "(function() {var sc = document.createElement(\"script\"), scCnter = document.getElementById(\"container-sdp-voltax-player-01evcfkb10bw5a3nky-2092\"), done = false;sc.src = mm_video_data.endpointUrl + \"\/01evcfkb10bw5a3nky.js\";sc.onload = sc.onreadystatechange = function() {if(!done && (!this.readyState || this.readyState == \"loaded\" || this.readyState == \"complete\")) {sdpVoltax[\"01evcfkb10bw5a3nky-2092\"].initializePlayer( {\"id\":\"01gjrep672ze2mm4psf0\",\"playlist_id\":\"none\",\"player_id\":\"01evcfkb10bw5a3nky\",\"type\":\"video\",\"image\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/image\\\/upload\\\/video\\\/thumbnail\\\/mmplus\\\/01gjrep672ze2mm4psf0\\\/01gjrep672ze2mm4psf0-e5f63bd770c5dc05602879c224453ec7.jpg\",\"container_id\":\"01evcfkb10bw5a3nky-2092\"});done = true; sc.onload = sc.onreadystatechange = null; }};scCnter.appendChild(sc);})();"var sdpVoltax = window.sdpVoltax || []; sdpVoltax["01evcfkb10bw5a3nky-2092"] = sdpVoltaxPlayerHandler().start("01evcfkb10bw5a3nky-2092"); List Why there's been more stoppage time in the 2022 World Cup, explained View 4 items