Nico Williams cites education as key to eradicate racism in Spain


Nico Williams is enjoying life after a strong start to the season with Athletic Club and a first Spain call up. On Saturday against Switzerland, he will have the chance to make his debut.Unfortunately, one of the hot topics in Spain is the racism that was suffered by Vinicius Junior on Sunday night at the Civitas Metropolitano.In an interview with Marca, the issue was raised with him after he commented that there were a lot of good people in Spain. Williams was asked whether that applied to all of Spain following Sunday’s events.“Yes, I think here there are a lot of good people. Racists are very small groups that we have to eradicate. In general people are very good and help those who arrive from abroad a lot. We are very grateful because they have offered us that help.”He was also asked whether he personally had suffered from racists abuse, taking into account his elder brother Inaki has.“Luckily no. But I have seen my brother a bit frustrated in that respect. I think they are part of football and I hope that people think and reflect on what they do and that this ends.”The interviewers, Jose Felix Diaz and Miguel Angel Lara, offered education as a solution.“Yes, that starts from very young. No-one is born a racist. Education at home, education at school and I think that little-by-little racism will disappear.”While it is natural that he should be asked about it as one of the few black players in the Spanish national team. There are benefits to having the discussion and platform for those most affected. Equally, it is hard to ask for answers to racism in a country from a 20-year-old joining the senior Spain squad for the first time.The post Nico Williams cites education as key to eradicate racism in Spain appeared first on Football España.