The Arabic call of Saudi Arabia’s stunning game-winning goal against Argentina will give you goosebumps


Saudi Arabia’s shocking win over Argentina on Tuesday has already become part of World Cup history. The country’s 2-1 decision over the Lionel Messi-led powerhouse is going to become the stuff of legend for Saudi Arabia fans. Some are already regarding it as the biggest upset in World Cup history. The Arabic call on the game-deciding goal has to be heard if you’ve not seen it yet. The entire sequence, from the lead up to the goal to the goal being made and the celebration after, will give you goosebumps. It’s why the World Cup continues to be such a singular event, and why this unbelievable underdog story will be one of the defining narratives from this year’s installment. You're going to want to turn the sound up for this one The Arabic call of the game-winning goal for Saudi Arabia is absolute (via @beINSPORTS) — FOX Soccer (@FOXSoccer) November 22, 2022 While Argentina isn’t out of the hunt just yet, Saudi Arabia will have a clearer path to be successful in Group C. Mexico and Poland are also competing in that block of countries. "(function() {var sc = document.createElement(\"script\"), scCnter = document.getElementById(\"container-sdp-voltax-player-01evcfkb10bw5a3nky-6993\"), done = false;sc.src = mm_video_data.endpointUrl + \"\/01evcfkb10bw5a3nky.js\";sc.onload = sc.onreadystatechange = function() {if(!done && (!this.readyState || this.readyState == \"loaded\" || this.readyState == \"complete\")) {sdpVoltax[\"01evcfkb10bw5a3nky-6993\"].initializePlayer( {\"id\":\"01gje3x9xrm8kbsamwdb\",\"playlist_id\":\"none\",\"player_id\":\"01evcfkb10bw5a3nky\",\"type\":\"video\",\"image\":\"https:\\\/\\\/\\\/image\\\/upload\\\/video\\\/thumbnail\\\/mmplus\\\/01gje3x9xrm8kbsamwdb\\\/01gje3x9xrm8kbsamwdb-ca26bacf8e42dc1d07ba0103abaee476.jpg\",\"container_id\":\"01evcfkb10bw5a3nky-6993\"});done = true; sc.onload = sc.onreadystatechange = null; }};scCnter.appendChild(sc);})();"var sdpVoltax = window.sdpVoltax || []; sdpVoltax["01evcfkb10bw5a3nky-6993"] = sdpVoltaxPlayerHandler().start("01evcfkb10bw5a3nky-6993"); List Saudi Arabia's win over Argentina at 18-1 odds was the biggest upset in World Cup history. Here's proof View 3 items