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- While not a saga per se, Danny Rose to Paris Saint-Germain has been an ongoing story in France for the nine months or so, very on and off, but poking its head around the corner enough to stay relevant. The first we saw of it was in Le Foot, who have been the driving force behind the Tottenham left-back's potential move to France's capital, and it all rested on the Ligue 1 champions getting rid of ...

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- So I like stats. I'm an unabashed stats lover. Whenever I can I write using stats, about stats or using stats in my articles. One of the benefits of being in an LFC community is that there are people who are smarter than me on Twitter who occasionally post interesting stats. This is one of […] The post Errors – The Worst Currency for a Goalie appeared first on . Errors – The Worst Currency f...

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