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- Chelsea v Forest, Everton v Sunderland and West Brom v Man CityLive scoreboard! Follow all the night's games around EuropeFeel free to email scott.murray@theguardian.comAnd if you like your football old-school, this may be your bag 11.15am BST It's the third round of the League Cup! (No, I can't bring myself to call it that. Rumbelows never seemed a classier brand.) And here are the remaining fixt

- Image by Thomas GaddBy Katie Whyatt“City are bold, cavalier and adventurous – but on occasions they are not smart,” said Jason McKeown seven months ago, summarising one of the few flaws of last season’s Bradford City. Those flaws – ‘shortcomings’ might even be a more accurate term – proved fatal if not manifold, evidenced most brutally and clearly on that May day at Wembley that condemned City to