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- Seeing the Swansea v Brentford thread got me wondering. What is our lowest away attendance? I remember going to 1st round League Cup away at Gay Meadow, where IIRC we won, Kevin Rapley definitely scored and may have got 2 or 3 goals. I also seem to remember there weren't many of us there that evening. Possibly under 100? I'm sure someone else will remember also being there, or someone out there...

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- It's been another great t season in a cracking league. Let's show our appreciation to MB and make a few calls and get some casuals down for the game. Even other halfs as long as you ain't all lovey dovey. Just pretend it's back to when BU were keeping the club afloat and we all went that extra mile to increase punters through the turnstiles. Might lead to an ST you never know. Maybe have a wal...

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